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PATRICK BERNAUW is living in Flanders, the Dutch speaking part of Belgium. He is a full time writer of historical mysteries, faction and fiction, supernatural stories and fantasy/horror novels. His work was translated in French, German, Spanish, Italian, Polish,... He is also a playwright, performer and producer of music theatre, murder mystery and city games. "I like online writing, because there are so many new tools and opportunities to it. As an online writer, you are something like a "multimedia director" too, working with text, pictures, audio, video, links, news feeds and so on... In fact, you are a 'composer of content'. Writing has become... well... exciting again!" He started publishing online with the HubPages and about The Lost Dutchman, so the goldmine became the name of a series of articles about Historical Mysteries (the Holy Grail, Nostradamus, that sort of stuff): The Lost Dutchman: Historical Mysteries Here are some other places where you can find him: Portfolio & Profile on Triond (A Haunted World Tour) Patrick Bernauw Associated ContentSomething Wicked This Way Comes (BlogSpot)

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